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Tyler Inman: Best White Guy Dunker Since Brent Barry ... or Woody Harrelson?

Tyler Inman is a senior at Southwestern Christian, an NAIA school in Oklahoma. Over the weekend he won the NAIA dunk contest with an array of jaw-dropping aerial moves that would make anybody take notice. I’m pretty sure he got more hangtime than Brent Barry did when he won the NBA Dunk Contest back in 1996 with his free throw line jam.

Here’s a look at Inman soaring in slo-mo, if that’s your thing.

Tyler Inman (@kinginman22) put on a show at the NAIA Slam Dunk Contest last night.

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This also serves as an excuse to reminisce about Woody Harrelson’s performance in the 1992 classic, White Men Can’t Jump. Post-True Detective everybody is loving them some Woody, so let’s squeeze in one more reference until the statute of limitations runs out. Granted Woody only dunks once in the movie and it’s nothing to write home about, but why split hairs?

Anyways, here’s Riff’s title song to the movie which features about every early 90s fashion cliches possible and a really fly-looking Rosie Perez dancing. If you’re a youngster, yes, bike shorts were once considered accepted pick-up hoops fashion.

The 90s, man.

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Because you want to see it first!

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