Hawk Harrelson is Now a Sausage Or Something

Hawk Harrelson is going to be a ballpark sausage racer.  [H/T @MilwaukeeBrewers]. Hawk’s sausage dasher will race alongside Darren Jackson, Ed Farmer and Steve Stone this summer at U.S. Cellular Field — where you can also enjoy bacon on a stick.

Using anthropomorphic foam broadcasters to race around the outfield is an odd, if not inspired, choice by Chicago’s marketing department. I’d have preferred if the White Sox used the visages Peter Cetera, James Pankow, Walter Parazaider and Robert Lamm. Alas. Suffice to say, whenever the Hawk sausage wins it will inevitably be attributed to (wait for it): The Will To Win.

The White Sox also added this tasty-looking chicken and waffle sandwich  at U.S. Cellular. It, along with Chris Sale every fifth day, gives White Sox fans at least two reasons to turn up at the park this season.

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