Roundup: Steve Masiello Won't Coach South Florida, Rare Babe Ruth Footage & Massive Corndog Spill

olga kentOlga Kent … Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, are getting a divorce … after spending 15 years in jail for robbery, man gets released and one day later robs the same storeMonopoly should not add ‘house rules‘ to a special edition this Fall … what the hell? Little girl taken out of Christian school after getting a short haircut … RIP longtime Chicago Blackhawks writercorndog spill closes highwaystudent shaves head to support friend who has cancer, but doing that violated the school’s “dress code policy” … love the idea of more gambling talk in the mainstream media … this guy tried to break into the police station to get his skateboard back … “Man Enraged After Vomiting On Cell Phone Goes On Rampage In Port St. Lucie” … why your Facebook page is becoming less relevant … oh Donald Rumsfeld, did you really need to use ‘a trained ape’? … CNN journalists arrested for trying to get into the World Trade Center … if you haven’t been watching Lindsay Lohan’s new show, this GIF is all you need

Steve Masiello was slated to be the next coach at the University of South Florida – he had an offer – but then a discrepancy turned up in his background check, and USF pulled the offer. Masiello had told his players at the University of Manhattan that he was leaving. [Tampa Tribune]

Reading this only confirms that I like Teddy Bridgewater a lot more than Blake Bortles. [The Sideline View]

Here’s a :43 reel of Babe Ruth in the dugout from 1925. [NYT]

This writer takes issues with the ESPN the Magazine story on MLB clubhouse chemistry. [The Score]

The lawsuit between the ACC and Maryland is getting fun. ESPN is involved. [Outkick the Coverage]

The Fox Sports Live Canadian co-hosts did another Q&A. [The Star]

Well, if you have the Warriors winning the NBA title, like I do, this Mark Jackson news is not good. [Yahoo Sports]

Cool subplot to Arizona vs. San Diego State – the fathers of two players were high school legends who grew up near each other. [Union Tribune]

A police investigation has revealed that the car that Paul Walker was traveling in when he was killed was going 90 mph. [E Online]

The hidden value of the NBA steal. [538]

Sportswriter blogs about finding out he has cancer. [A Blog Called Quest]

Why are the Krafts such terrible owners of the New England Revolution? [Boston Magazine]

This really happened. It’s real. Nancy Grace just blurted out “porn” a few times on GMA. [via Guyism]

Very cool. Inside the Creighton locker room after the 30-point thumping at the hands of Baylor. I think this might restore your faith in humanity.

Crazy footage, crazy fire but the good news is that this guy was rescued.

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