Steve Gerrard's Free Kick Made Martin Tyler All Hot and Bothered

Steven Gerrard goal against Sunderland

Steven Gerrad put Liverpool ahead 1-0 vs. Sunderland in Premier League action Wednesday at Anfield with this perfectly-struck free kick late in the first half. It, for the time being, kept the Reds on pace with Chelsea in the title race and shoveled a little more dirt on relegation-threatened Sunderland.

Martin Tyler got a wee bit excited — instantaneously — during the call:

There is something as a soccer fan, loyalties be damned, that is awesome about Martin Tyler calling a trademark Gerraaaaaaaaaaaaaard goal. Okay, if you’re an Everton or Manchester United fan Tyler’s call probably makes you want to puke. If you live in England it’s probably on par with the unchecked fraternal love John Madden displayed toward Brett Favre.

Regardless it didn’t top Tyler’s call of Gerrard’s beauty in extra time vs. West Ham back in the 2006 FA Cup final.

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