Karim Mayfield - Thomas Dulorme Weigh-In Featured Licking, Choking, Shoving and a Near-Brawl

Karim Mayfield (18-0-1) and Thomas Dulorme (20-1) will fight for the NABF light welterweight title in Atlantic City tonight. During Friday’s weigh-in, Mayfield and Dulorme had to be separated and a brawl nearly broke out between the two fighters’ camps.

It started innocently enough with the face off. Mayfield was screaming in Dulorme’s face, but Dulorme didn’t like the brim of Mayfield’s hat, so he turned it around for him. Mayfield countered by licking Dulorme’s chest. Dulorme put his hand on Mayfield’s neck and Mayfield reciprocated. That turned into choking which turned into shoving which turned into bedlam which was broken up in about 4 seconds. The good news is, they get to settle this in the ring!

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