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Arizona Students Riot After Wisconsin Loss, Police Use Tear Gas and Pepper Balls [UPDATE]

Police used tear gas and pepper balls to break up the crowd of Arizona students in Tucson last night after the Wildcats fell to the Badgers with the Final Four on the line. In the Vine above, you can see a guy who is seemingly impervious to the shots ringing off his chest before getting bull-rushed by about a half-dozen officers. Here’s what appears to be another angle of it:

For what it’s worth, a commenter on that Instagram video claims that he saw the incident go down, and that police used excessive force:

I was there and saw that all the guy did was walk towards them if you watch the full video people are just laughing and having a good time i was at work rite in the middle of the riot there was no need for the violence on tpds end its sad that we get a bad rep because of a few drunk people i saw people get hit over there heads with billy clubs shot in the face with rubber bullets and choke on tear gas just for standing too close its stupid there was no need for it honestly i saw it from beggining to end and the riot squad was there in numbers before the game had begun if they weren’t there everyone would have gone home from the beginning they taunted the croud and tpd abused their power enough said

Some other images from the night:

Per the Daily Wildcat, at least nine were taken into police custody.

Update: The pepper ball recipient has emerged with the welts to show that it was no small feat for him to matter-of-factly absorb the onslaught into his chest:

Because you want to see it first!

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