Roundup: Top 20 College Bars, the Stock Market is Rigged & the Bill Murray-Stopped-a-Bank Robbery Story is Fake

Madalina-GheneaMadalina Ghenea  … Oklahoma teacher gets probation for having sex with one of her students … the Top 10 hip-hop groups in the OC … this story on internet slang feels like it was pulled out of a 2011 time capsule … you can eat another man’s roadkill in Michigan now … not really news, but it’s really expensive to pay rent in Silicon Valley … smart young folks are making money off social media … allegedly the Top 20 college bars in the country … these seems very fake, but I laughed anyway … here’s the woman who came up with the phrase ‘Conscious Uncoupling‘ … Michigan high school makes sure girls sports must have the same bleachers as the boysFrozen is now the No. 1 animated film of all-time, according to the box office … security guard trampled at Ultra music festival in Miami … here’s a political story for the Republicans and Democrats to fight over in the comments … RIP Lonnie White, former USC receiver and LA Times writer … LeBron did a nice thing … European billionaires preferred resident? London

If you’ve been wondering what Felipe Lopez – the high school legend who played at St. John’s and then the NBA – has been up to, it’s all here. [NYDN]

Looking back at the obstruction call in Game 3 of the 2013 World Series, which apparently resulted in the “most confusing finish to any World Series game in history.” [ESPN]

Pat Forde, weeks after slamming John Calipari, with a solid column gives Cal props: “that is great coaching.” [Yahoo Sports]

Man robs bank in Tokyo, then sees Bill Murray outside the bank, stops to talk to him and gets arrested. Sounds good, but it’s fake. [National Report, Epoch Times]

Peter King visited Jim Kelly in his hotel room as the former Bills QB battles cancer. [MMQB]

Really good read about how when DeSean Jackson visited San Quentin prison in 2011. [CSN Bay Area]

Oklahoma State is paying for giving Travis Ford a 10-year contract in 2009. [Oklahoman]

Kevin Ollie’s mom had breast cancer surgery a week ago. She says she’ll go to the Final 4. [Connecticut Post]

Tough times for the poor Mets. Attendance has fallen by 32 percent since Citi Field opened. [NYT]

Jerry Sandusky’s wife: “And all these young kids, all they think about is sex.” [AP]

Ernie Johnson has to be one of the best people in the sports media business. [Dallas Morning News]

Did West Virginia AD Oliver Luck fire the school’s longtime wrestling coach because he was “too old?” [Times West Virginian]

Chelsea Handler is leaving E! when her contract expires at the end of this year. [Hollywood Reporter]

Tommy Amaker decides to stay at Harvard. [Harvard]

The SEC was good to Missouri – the athletic department reported a surplus for the 1st time since 2009. [KC Star]

Florida TV station wasn’t able to show Gators highlights Saturday, so they made their own.

If you didn’t watch this on 60 Minutes, please check it out. Fascinating stuff as always from Michael Lewis.

Getting in the way of a bull is monumentally stupid, but doing so with your arm around someone? You’re asking for injury. [via Adam]

Stephen Curry had a nice little game against the Knicks – 32 points – but Golden State lost, 89-84.

Because you want to see it first!

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