Aaron Rodgers' Doppleganger Goes in Search of Rodgers' English Family History

A few weeks ago, Tom Wrigglesworth appeared on American television, looking like Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers with crazier hair, playing an engineer. He’s actually an English comedian, and he is finding great joy in the similarities between he and Rodgers. He put together this video, in Monty Python fashion, where he searches the town in an effort to trace Aaron Rodgers’ roots in England. Along the way, you get to see what Aaron Rodgers, err, Wrigglesworth, looks like dressed up as a female hairdresser in a curly blonde wig, as a bald historian, and as a soccer coach.

In the end, Wrigglesworth issues a challenge to swap jobs for a day, and for Aaron Rodgers to do standup for a day. I doubt Packers fans will agree to that one.

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