Roundup: Michael Strahan Headed to GMA, NFL Cheerleaders Can Now Visit Fans, Steph Curry's Perfect Shot

alessandra-ambrosioAlessandra Ambrosio … Natalie Dormer is in GQ … man threatens neighbor with ax for stealing underwear …  FAU students of all ages patronizing the heck out of local bar … Jennette McCurdy’s Nickelodeon show is in trouble … Harvard has books bound in human flesh … man fell to death after eating marijuana … protecting “chicken boxing” because it isn’t cock fighting … there was a shooting at Fort Hood … and there was a shot fired at Kent State… Brad Pitt making film about Steubenville rape case … kid applies to and gets accepted to all Ivy League schools .. Notre Dame student breaks into business to eat hot pockets and other stuff …  suicide mistaken for April Fool’s prank … someone fixed the Ninja Turtles noses … why can’t our precious ears hear the world “f**k” during The Walking Dead?

Will Ferrell broke down the Masters as only Will Ferrell could. [CBS Sports]

Georgia is sending recruits hand-drawn pictures. [Deadspin]

Columnist says fans should be allowed to boo and cheer at their own discretion. [St. Louis Post Dispatch]

Jason Collins talks about life in the NBA now that he’s back. [FOX Sports]

Ex-Astro Brandon Backe blames Galveston police for the end of his career. [Houston Chronicle]

Norm Chow canceled interviews because of a columnist. [Star Advertiser]

Young Brazilian soccer player shot in the streets. [BBC]

Cheerleaders can visit fans in their seats for some reason. [CBS Atlanta]

The quieter side of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. [New York Times]

The Bachelor threw out a first pitch at a Marlins game. It went well, thanks for asking. [Cut4]

Michael Strahan will probably replace Josh Elliot on Good Morning America. Somewhere, Tiki Barber cries into his morning paper. [Business Insider]

Serious question: What are the Vikings going to do about bird droppings on their giant transparent roof? [MinnPost]

Basketball porn: Stephen Curry has perfected and reinvented shooting. [ESPN]

Baseball season is just 6 or 7 more months. [The Onion]

Scarlett Johansson has a movie that appears to combine The Matrix, Crank and Limitless.

Goran Dragic gets a music video. [via With Leather]

Artie Lange kidnapped Pete Rose.

Cast of The Lion King sings on a plane.

This video taken 16 days before Yellowstone was hit by an earthquake has some people thinking a volcano is going to erupt. The bison in this video both planned very far ahead and decided to take the road.

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