Sir Alex Ferguson is Going to Teach a Class at Harvard, Here Are Some of the Lessons It Will Teach

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Sir Alex Ferguson is going to Harvard. The recently-retired manager of Manchester United, “will lecture in the Ivy League University’s new programme entitled ‘The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports’, starting in May” on a long-term basis.

Some hypothetical lectures from the 72-year-old Scot will include:

  • The best type of shoe to kick at your star player in times of crisis.
  • How to manipulate officials with nothing more than a hard look.
  • Fergie Time: A five-part explainer.
  • Chewing Gum: How it helps you when the going gets tough.
  • The 100 best ways to tell journalists to get bent.
  • Legacy 101: Picking a terrible replacement to make your accomplishments look better when you leave a position.
  • Hairdryers & You: Relating to employees through pointed outbursts of anger.
  • Mind games, mind games, mind games.

We kid, we kid. Sir Alex is a great manager and his Harvard class figures to be very worthwhile.

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