Guy Dressed as Billy Cub Punches Bar Patron that Pulls Off His Head

This is Billy Cub, a character who is not associated with the Chicago Cubs. Ryan Glasspiegel of our site spent a day playing the role of Billy Cub and working with the guy behind Billy Cub, John Paul Weier. Several people work with Weier and we believe that this is one of them.

Here’s what Ryan wrote about his experience in the Billy Cub outfit:

There were some people who didn’t seem to grasp that I was a human being inside a suit. A wasted 19-year old in a Derek Jeter shirsey was absurdly persistent in his request to lift me up and carry me over his shoulder. (I declined.) There was a girl who “tipped” me with her (printed) ticket stub and a man who looked at me indignantly and said, “Here’s a tip — don’t wear a furry costume on a hot day.” And there were many, many people who thought it was very funny to leave me hanging on a high five. It’s really not that funny.

The worst, though, was when people would smack me in the head, setting off excruciating reverberations inside the mask while also setting my line of sight askew. This happened three or four times throughout the day and it would always take a few minutes to recover from.

Well, this particular Billy Cub wasn’t as patient with the poor behavior of fans. This bar patron decided it would be funny to rip the head off Billy Cub. Don’t mess with the Bear, or you get the Paws.

[h/t: Deadspin]

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