Daniel Bryan Gets Batista to Tap Out, Wins WWE Titles at Wrestlemania

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Daniel Bryan got his Wrestlemania moment. On a night where the Undertaker’s streak ended at 21stunning everybody who’s ever watched wrestling, Bryan’s ensured the crowd will go home happy when he hit his Yes-Lock finishing hold on the odious Batista.

This is going to sound extremely earnest. But …

It’s pretty impossible to explain how satisfying — exhilarating, even — this was for WWE fans if you don’t already understand. It’s been about a year straight of storylines that the bookers design with no other intention than pissing us off, and it’s great to leave Wrestlemania happy. Even the infuriatingly reserved Michael Cole rose to the occasion.

The match featured everything you could possibly want. The bad guys double teaming. A rogue referee. A sledgehammer to the face of the hated boss. Announcing tables DECIMATED. The hero springing off a stretcher against the frantic caution of “medical professionals” to seal the win. Nice little happy ending to the night right there.


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