Simon Mignolet Got Smacked in the Face by Andy Carroll, Somehow the Ref Didn't Call a Foul

Guy Demel scored a potentially massive goal in first half stoppage time during today’s West Ham/Liverpool match at Upton Park. It leveled the score at 1-1, however the goal shouldn’t have counted. West Ham striker Andy Carroll, probably excited about WrestleMania later today, basically punched Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet in the face causing the Belgian to drop the ball right on the foot of Demel. The linesman lifted his flag, signalling a foul, but after a brief consultation Anthony Taylor decided to award the goal anyway.

The Premier League might be the most exciting league in the world, but it’s officiating continually finds a way to screw up when the spotlight shines. Taylor’s decision was among the worst we’ve seen this season. If these are the guys the EPL and English FA decide to use week-in, week-out, how poor are the guys who don’t make the cut?

Liverpool would move into first place and two points clear of Chelsea should they win today. With two games in hand, however, Manchester City remain the title favorites. Without a goal in the second half the Reds’ title ambitions will take a huge hit at the hands of their former striker and Sam Allardyce’s on-going rugby tactics.

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