Sneaker Thieves Cut Through Drywall to Break Into Store and Steal Thousands in Shoes


Three Seattle men broke into a shoe store last week and stole thousands in sneakers, but it’s the manner in which they did so that makes the story so ridiculous.

Police are searching for three men who stole thousands of dollars worth of shoes from a U-district shoe store. The heist happened Monday morning around 1:30 am. The owner of Recess shoe store said the men broke into the key box for the apartment building next door. They used the master key to get inside the apartment building then cut through the drywall to access the shoe store.

Amazing. That’s one hell of an effort. Even better — or worse? — is the store’s surveillance video showed that the men came back three times during the morning of the robbery, making for what had to be a ridiculous haul. So not only were they tirelessly determined, but greedy too.

However, the store has already released surveillance footage along with some stills of the suspects, so these guys are more than likely screwed.

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