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The Big Lead 2014 NCAA Championship Game Picks

Alex Poythress dunks over Wisconsin player

Tonight in North Texas it is No. 7 UConn vs. No. 8 Kentucky for all the the AT&T Family Talk Plans. While everyone’s brackets were thrown away weeks ago, we’re still going to make some picks for this classic Cinderella, underdog matchup.


McIntyre: Kentucky 77, Connecticut 74 … Randle keeps Daniels in check, but Napier is heroic with 31 points in defeat.
Lisk: Kentucky 73, UConn 68 … Aaron Harrison hits the Rock ‘N Jock 25 point shot with 5 seconds left to provide Kentucky with the most improbable victory yet.
Cardillo: UConn 67, Kentucky 62 … Full disclosure: I’m a UConn alum banking on the Wildcats missing a lot of free throws, since Niels Giffey’s beard is no match for Kentucky’s interior size and strength.
Duffy: UConn 81, Kentucky 73 … Narrative game off the hook come Tuesday.
Shamburger: 78 Kentucky, 76 Connecticut
T. Ryan: UConn 61, Kentucky 57 … This is Kevin Ollie’s destiny. And his next destiny will be coaching the Lakers for $10 million a season, something he simply won’t be able to pass up even if it means a violent wedgie from Jim Calhoun. Fun season, though, Ollie.
Douglas: Kentucky 52, UConn 48 … We’re due for a low-scoring ugly title game with lots of referee involvement. Or as they call it in college basketball, “a game.”
Glasspiegel: Kentucky 70, UConn 65 … Close game throughout, but Kentucky hits its free throws to seal it.

DeAndre Daniels slam against Florida

Game MVP

McIntyre: Julius Randle, Kentucky
Lisk: Julius Randle, Kentucky
Cardillo: DeAndre Daniels, UConn (although many voters have already written down Shabazz Napier’s name on their voting slip.)
Duffy: Shabazz Napier, UConn
Shamburger: Julius Randle, Kentucky
T. Ryan: Kevin Ollie, UConn
Glasspiegel: Aaron Harrison, Kentucky

Predict Jim Nantz’s ‘game-winning’ line

McIntyre: “Kentucky’s freshman were fabulous, the Wildcats are National Champions.”
Lisk: “It’s Kentucky reigning, in this fight between Cats and Dogs.”
Cardillo: “There’s a new dog in town, Ollie’s Huskies are National Champs.”
Duffy: “Never underestimate the size of the fight in the dog. The Huskies are National Champions.”
Shamburger: “Calipari’s Wildcats have done it again.”
T. Ryan: “Yes you-con? More like Yes you-Kev. The Huskies are back on top.” Then we all debate on Twitter as to whether or not Nantz should be fired.
Glasspiegel: “The Huskies have been put down.” (not really, but Twitter would hang him if he did that).

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