Young Wrestling Fan Handles Undertaker's Loss Like an Adult, Adult Wrestling Fan Handles It Like a Child

UPDATE: Original video was removed, but here’s that same youngster delivering a calm and appreciative take on the Dead Man’s streak coming to an end. Most importantly, he’s still sporting sunglasses.


As you may have heard by now, the Undertaker’s storied streak was snapped by Brock Lesnar last night at WrestleMania XXX. What followed soon after was an array of raw, unreasonable emotion from wrestling fans around the globe. But not this young wrestling fan. Sure, he’s a little broken up about it and at the time wasn’t quite ready to deal with Monday, but keep in mind he is also in 3rd grade.

By demonstrating resigned acceptance along with an understandable dose of disappointment, this kid has sadly just set the standard for all the distraught dudes in their 20s, 30s and 40s who were spotted weeping after The Undertaker’s streak ended last night.

The way the young fella confidently directs everyone to the comments by pointing down is nothing short of fantastic.

This, however, this is out of hand. The wrestling collage on the wall directly behind him says everything that needs to be said.

For the full story on The Undertaker’s streak being broken, please head on over to Yahoo Answers to get yourself informed:

Undertaker Yahoo Answers

I’ll leave you with this:

And this:

Because you want to see it first!

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