Mason Plumlee Blocked LeBron James Game-Winning Dunk Attempt

Mason Plumlee(*) actually blocked LeBron James would-be game-winning dunk attempt in the last seconds of Tuesday night’s Nets 88-87 win over the Heat in Miami. File this under sentences you don’t read every day — if ever. Amazingly, given LeBron’s  super-duper-star-status, the refs didn’t call a foul on the rookie from Duke even though there appeared to be (some) contact on the play.

The Nets finished the regular season 4-0 vs. the Heat. It sets up for some intrigue should the teams meet down the road in the playoffs.

Mason Plumlee fouled LeBron James but it wasn't called

(*) “Plums” because it was jersey nickname night. Be sure to buy yours soon! 

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