AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb's Wedding Will Reportedly Be a Reality Series

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AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb’s wedding was already slated to be a de facto reality series, and now it’s being reported that the telegenic couple is planning on disseminating it themselves. Per The Plainsman, an Auburn student newspaper, the reality series’ filming began with the proposal and will document their trials and tribulations between now and the July 11th ceremony.

In case you were harboring any lingering hopes that the series would devolve into Jerry Springer mode, featuring heated, vulgar arguments about stationery or hors d’oeuvres, the show’s apparently going to be the sanitized product you’d expect. “As reality shows go, this would be a wholesome one for sure,” says Webb’s father Alan.

The report does not specify what network will air the series, or when. Keep an eye out so you can set your calendars and DVRs accordingly.

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