John Sterling, Already in Midseason Form, Briefly Sang 'Stayin' Alive' on Yankees Broadcast

John Sterling, the New York Yankees longtime radio prima donna announcer, is a distinctly acquired taste. During the Bombers’ blowout loss to the Orioles on Tuesday, Sterling got a little punchy during an at-bat by backup catcher Austin Romine. Sterling started singing “Stayin’ Alive.” Obviously there isn’t a better time to work in some old Bee Gees song, right? It really resonates and shows you are hip with the younger kids listening.

Some Yankees fans love Sterling — and partner Suzyn Waldman — others can’t stand them. If you’re looking for a lot of in-game promos, show tunes and the occasional bit of actual baseball play-by-play, then it’s the broadcast for you. Otherwise it’s easy to think Yankees fans deserve better than these two.

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