Brewers 'Happy' Parody Video Features Bob Uecker on Trumpet & Two Second Ryan Braun Cameo

The Brewers put together a solid parody (homage?) to Pharrell Williams’ soon-to-be ubiquitous summer song “Happy.” It’ll be featured in the NBA Playoffs, so it’ll be hard to avoid the song as the calendar turns toward June. (Don’t blame me.)

Highlights in the video include Bob Uecker playing the trumpet, Yovani Gallardo’s beard, Bernie Brewer having all sorts of fun and the Brewers’ cheerleaders. If you blink you might miss Ryan Braun’s 2 1/2 second cameo at the 1:48 mark.

Milwaukee has reason to be, err, happy since it’s started the season 6-2 — tied with Washington with the best record in the National League right out of the gates.

Here’s guessing ‘Happy’ will be this year’s ‘Blurred Lines‘ and team soon enough every team will have their own version of the song.


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