Columbus Fans Tweak Atlanta MLS Expansion Franchise via William Tecumseh Sherman

MLS will formally announce Atlanta as the location of its latest expansion team later this afternoon. Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, is one of the backers. Presumably the Falcons and MLS team will share a new stadium in the city. Hooray!

Columbus Crew supporters group — Massive City — has already thrown down the gauntlet to the expansion team evoking the image of Ohio-born Civil War Union General William Tecumseh Sherman to welcome Atlanta to the league. (If you don’t pick up on the significance here, crack open a history book or, I dunno, go to Wikipedia which is probably much easier and practical.)

Atlanta and Columbus are 437 miles apart, as the crow flies. There have certainly been more unlikely sports rivalries, although this could be the first time a potential sporting feud began over a tweet … before one of the two teams even properly existed.

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