Jake Peavy Made Two Playful Pickoff Throws With Adam Dunn on First, Sanctity of the Game be Damned

Jake Peavy and Adam Dunn were teammates on the White Sox for nearly three seasons before the veteran starter was shipped off to Boston last summer for a playoff run. When you take that reality into account, along with the assumption Dunn probably puts more effort into farting than running, it’s more than safe to assume Peavy was just having a little fun with his old buddy when he made two consecutive pickoff attempts while Dunn was basically glued to first base.

Subsequently, this troubling notion of fun brings three key things into question:

First, did no one think about the pace of the game? This contest in particular took a whopping 3 hours and 36 minutes. Shave off those two throws and we’re likely looking at a much healthier 3 hours and 34 minutes.

Secondly, what’s this “having fun” crap? This is baseball. No one is supposed to be having fun, especially when said fun means sacrificing the integrity of the game in the interest of partaking in such blatant tomfoolery. Shortsighted and immature, to say the least.

Finally, why wasn’t this reviewed? It should have been reviewed. Dunn can clearly be seen smiling.

Recommendation: Suspend Peavy for two starts. One for each unnecessary throw.

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