Danish Soccer Player Gets Pepper Sprayed, Bites Cops


Danish international striker Nicki Bille Nielsen looks like he had some late-night fun last week in Copenhagen. According to reports (and my best use of Google translate) Bille started kicking bikes and parking meters (maybe he was a fan of Cool Hand Luke?). This lead to the police to step in.

Let’s let the Google Machine fill in the pertinent details from Ekstra Bladet:

But here stopped Nicki Bille stupidity far. When he came into the police car, ‘snotty / spat’ he in the back seat and then dried his face on the seat in front of him. It was one of the officers to push his face away, Bille obviously did not like.
He bit for the officer in the arm, giving him a superficial bite mark, according to Ekstra Bladet information.

It’s hard to believe a guy with a 9mm handgun tattooed on his torso would do this, but that’s the report. Danish police have only confirmed a disorderly conduct charge for the 26-year-old Bille Nielsen.

Oddly enough Nielsen, who plays for Rosenborg in Norway, tweets mostly in English but hasn’t posted anything since April 12.

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