LeBron James is the Most Googled Athlete in 23 States, Kobe Bryant Only Takes California


This map shows which athlete is the most-searched for – in Google – in each individual state. Based on the findings, one could argue LeBron James it the most popular athlete in the country, and the NBA is king. All along the east coast LeBron dominates, and he does in Alaska, Arizona and Utah, too. (No Jimmer?) Peyton Manning came in second place as the top-searched athlete in seven states. Notice that the people of Indiana have not moved on despite Paul George’s ascendance. Peyton also owns the flyover states above and below Colorado, splitting the Rocky Mountain states with LeBron. The weird state is Nebraska, as Omaha is an autocomplete search term for Peyton Manning:


And the opposite is true for Omaha:


Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady tied for third with four states a piece. Brady dominates the hearts of New England while Purple Jesus owns any Plains State that doesn’t like basketball. The only other athlete to take multiple states is Andrew Wiggins with Kansas and Kentucky. So this data is either from Wiggins’ senior year in high school or the people of Kentucky hoping that he decides not only to stay in school another year, but to transfer.

Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Floyd Mayweather each took a state that makes perfect sense. As did Derrick Rose, but that’s another sad story.


The two funniest states are West Virginia and Vermont. Neither state has a professional team so they had to get creative. Vermont spends its days getting high and wondering how much Tiger Woods is worth and if he has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, West Virginia is still holding onto the golden days of Geno Smith and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Among other things…


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