College Football

SEC Network Releases "Take It All In" Hype Video for All 14 Schools

Satisfying the gap in the market wherein there were simply not enough television outlets from which to consume football in the Fall, ESPN’s SEC Network launches on August 14th. I’m a Big Ten alum and live in Chicago, but have always been fascinated by Southern football culture. I traveled to Baton Rouge with my Dad two seasons ago to see LSU take on (and, lamentably, lose to) Alabama, and it was fantastic. We caught on at a pig roast tailgate and I drank a lot of whiskey. So much fun.

All of these videos are getting me hyped for football in general — well, except for Kentucky’s, which is about basketball — which is dangerous because it’s still so far away and it’s not like I want to wish away the summer to get there.

SEC gurus: What would be the best game to catch this season, and why?

Because you want to see it first!

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