UK Wholesaler Says It's Selling the David Moyes' "Chosen One" Banner


David Moyes was officially shown the door by Manchester United early Tuesday morning. In the hours since the news became official the entire soccer world has collectively delighted in some Moyes-enfreude. One UK wholesaler is getting in on the fun, offering the now cringe-worthy “The Chosen One” banner that adorned the stands at Old Trafford this season.

Wholesale Clearance UK is “selling” the banner for a low, loooooow price of £1,000 (roughly $1,600). I’m not exactly sure what you’d do with it? Bring it to away games to mock Manchester United? Show up outside Moyes’ house and burn it? Donate it to the English Football Hall of Fame? Stash it away in a time capsule for 2014?

Before answering these questions, it bears noting this is probably a joke. Here’s part of the description:

The banner has minor scuffing, presumably received during the disposal process. Unfortunately the banner also features a prominent phallic drawing around the forehead area, which should easily rub off with some elbow grease.

For what it’s worth, the trolling “David Moyes is a Football Genius” banner displayed by Liverpool fans at Anfield last month would be much more of a collector’s item.

David Moyes Football Genius sign

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