Daniel Snyder Won the Trifecta in Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person" Sweepstakes

At this point, there’s not much one can say to a defender of the Washington football team name to change an opinion. The debate has gotten rather circuitous at this point, along the lines of those about baseball stats or paying NCAA athletes. But, if you already agree with Olbermann on these issues, then this is worthwhile.

Keith went over yesterday’s USA Today’s story in which Native American golfer Notah Begay called Snyder’s Original Americans Foundation (whose acronym is OAF) a “gimmick,” and played a clip in which the combative owner accused critics of “not doing their homework.”

It’s reached the stage where Snyder is less concerned about the merits of his arguments than he is about steadfastly refusing to cave to the haters. If there ever comes a time when Roger Goodell unilaterally yanks the team name away from him, the NFL should do me a solid and air it live on their network.

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