Mike Francesa Revealed the New York Giants 2014 Schedule Just Because He Can

Mike Francesa obtained the entire 2014 New York Giants schedule, so he decided to read it off this afternoon on his No. 1 radio show, just because he can. The Sports Pope obviously doesn’t care about incurring the wrath of Roger Goodell.

According to Francesa and his sources the 2014 Giants schedule is as followed, via CBS New York:

Week 1: Sept. 8, at Detroit
Week 2: Sept. 14, vs. Arizona
Week 3: Sept. 21, vs. Houston
Week 4: Sept. 25, at Washington
Week 5: Oct. 5, vs. Atlanta
Week 6: Oct. 12, at Philadelphia
Week 7: Oct. 19, at Dallas
Week 8: Bye
Week 9: Nov. 3, vs. Indianapolis
Week 10: Nov. 9, at Seattle
Week 11: Nov. 16, vs. San Francisco
Week 12: Nov. 23, vs. Dallas
Week 13: Nov. 30, at Jacksonville
Week 14: Dec. 7, at Tennessee
Week 15: Dec. 14, vs. Washington
Week 16: Dec. 21, at St. Louis
Week 17: Dec. 28, vs. Philadelphia

And everyone laughed when Francesa came out on top of our Media Madness poll.

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