Roundup: Sorority Girl Writes Best Email Ever, Arizona Pool Party is Off the Hook & Lupita Nyong'o is People's Most Beautiful

sofia vergaraSofia Vergara, 15 years ago … so, about Pervert Dave … Fox executive fired after sending emails to the girlfriend of someone missing from Flight 370 … teenager in Colorado in trouble for killing a llama that was on the loose … girl dies falling off railway bridge while taking selfie … the Columbus Blue Jackets have twin ice girls … better bring your gun to this Georgia mall … Florida firefighter with a really bad use of twitter got him arrested … getting revenge on online dating creeps! … for the 1st time ever, ESPN will televise an NFL playoff game in January 2015Bar Refaeli’s selfie game is strong … elementary school bus driver beaten by parents in West Palm Beach … today’s male movie stars need to have chiseled pecs and 5 percent body fat … will Georgia’s Governor sign a controversial gun bill today? … sorority girl writes possibly fake email that is hilarious … woman calls 911 over sun halo in the skyPeople Magazine’s most beautiful person is Lupita Nyong’o

Confidence matters. Great read. [The Atlantic]

Time for Matt Harvey to “grow up” writes columnist. It’s columns like these why athletes are no fun on twitter. [Newsday]

Bulls waste 10-point lead with 6:58 left and then lose to the Wizards in overtime, 101-99. Washington leads 2-0 heading to DC for the next two. [Tribune]

DeMar DeRozan scored 15 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter and the Raptors evened their series with the Nets at one with a 100-95 triumph. [Toronto Star]

Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen was knocked out of a game in Week 13 last year when he began experiencing double vision. Doctors just told him he’ll never play football again. [The MMQB]

How to reconcile the two Bo Pelinis. [Omaha.com]

Junior college soccer player of the year collapses and dies. He was 22 years old. [Uticaod.com]

The Mariners have lost eight games in a row, and the offense stinks. [Seattle Times]

Local NBA TV markets didn’t have a strong TV season. Ratings for the Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, Nets and Bulls were all down. The Mavericks and Warriors were up. [Sports Business Journal]

The phrase “whipping boy” is “racially charged” and now people aren’t allowed to use it, columnist says. [CSN Bay Area]

Coach K lands a crucial transfer – 6-foot-9, 265-pound power forward from Rice. [ESPN]

This is a pivotal summer or the Buss family, which owns the Lakers. [LA Times]

Doc Rivers and Jermaine O’Neal got double technical fouls Monday night.

Check out this Leopard on the loose in India. Terrifyingly fast.

Look, a 13-foot hammerhead shark found near a pier in Florida!

University of Arizona pool parties look like fun. [via BroBible]

Best bench reactions from the NBA season. So funny. [via Hot Clicks]

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