Roundup: Game of Thrones Graves, Anastasia Ashley's Burger Ad, Avril Lavigne's Controversial Video

olivia-munnOlivia Munn  … James Spader is as amazing as Red Reddington … leave a flower on the virtual grave of dead Game of Thrones characters … another story about the heroin epidemic … guy on trial for murder wants to hide the tattoo on his neck that says “MURDER” … mailman hides mail in dead mother’s house … Call of Duty loser calls SWAT team … mathematician does amazing job restoring cabinsuggested by another blogger … South Carolina legislators trying to figure out how to credit God for a fossil … one of my favorite podcasters wants to make a movie …   Miranda Kerr looks good in Elle Spain … in case you forgot about Maria Menounos … or Sophia Vergara … dude gets naked on his car on the California highway … possible wreckage washing ashore in Australia … 

High school baseball player loses while throwing no-hitter. Also, check the URL. [Star-Ledger]

Texas Longhorns linebacker Dalton Santos trying to crowdsource his mother’s open-heart surgery. [FOX Sports]

Tony Gwynn taking a leave of absence from SDSU because of his health. [SI]

High school baseball player takes swing at umpire after a game. [Local 8]

Good teams generally get more techincals. This is great news for Boogie Cousins. [Five Thirty Eight]

Sonny Vaccaro on shoes and paying players. [AP]

Why doesn’t a major broadcaster buy the WWE? [OutKick The Coverage]

John Henry and the Red Sox dynasty. [Business Week]

Dave Parker fighting Parkinson’s. [Bleacher Report]

Finally, someone discussed whether or not Tony Romo is a choker! [AGN TV]

Anastasia Ashley has her own burger ad. [Guyism]

Awesome video of waves crashing in Oregon.

Dear 90s…

Lifting the Cup every season since 1949.

D.A.G. helps white people tell black people apart.

Artist’s incredible drawing of LeBron.

Avril Lavigne is drawing some heat for this video. Warning: Watch on mute. [NY Daily News]

Because you want to see it first!

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