Joe Girardi Got REALLY Mad at an ESPN Camera Trying to Film Michael Pineda After His Pine Tar Ejection

Joe Girardi turns ESPN camera focused on Michael Pineda

Michael Pineda was either really dumb or really ballsy or some combination of the two Wednesday night at Fenway Park, getting ejected for having pine tar visibly smeared all over his neck. This came a mere 13 days after every baseball fan in America saw the screencaps of the substance smeared all over his hand in another game against the Red Sox.

ESPN televised the Wednesday night game and tried to use one of its cameras to focus on Pineda in the clubhouse tunnel at Fenway Park after his ejection. Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi wasn’t having any of it and smacked the camera out of the way quicker than one of Lindsay Lohan’s bodyguards.

Imagine Girardi’s reaction if the dugout camera tried to zoom in on the pages contained within his famous binder?

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