Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn Double Date with Elin Nordegren and Her Boyfriend, Apparently

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OMG, you guys. US Weekly, the gossip magazine of, umm, record(?) filed an exclusive report late Thursday afternoon┬áthat is sure to rock the sports world right down to its very foundation. Hopefully you’re sitting down when you read this: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn apparently go on double dates with Elin Nordegren and her new beau Chris Cline.

Here’s an amazing quote from US’s unnamed source:

“They can be a happy foursome now that Elin has a guy even richer than Tiger,” an insider tells Us. “They’ve hung out at the Seminole Club [in Florida].” Better yet, “they’ve hung out together with other people,” the source adds.

This is me IRL right now:


Oh but it gets totally better:

“You’d think it would be weird, but Elin loves Lindsey and they talk all the time. Elin likes that Lindsey is a strong woman.”

Can you handle one more?

“Elin found that they are very similar and have a lot in common. They laugh and talk like they have been girlfriends forever.”

I really don’t think I’ve been this happy in weeks, months … if not years. Golf wins again(*). Everybody wins again!

(*) Used with permission from CRM.

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