Roundup: Florida School Served Mountain Dew Before Tests; Kobe Bryant Is Into Stickers; Fourth Graders Busted for Selling Pot in Colorado

Lexie Marlow … Blake Griffin had a big game and the Clippers beat the Warriors by two. … Florida elementary school served Mountain Dew to students before standardized tests, well, not anymore after a parent complained. …  Beezin’: are kids getting high putting Burt’s Beeswax on their eyelids? (Probably not but somehow it’s a story to scare parents.) … The horror: Justin Beiber detained by U.S. customs officials on Thursday. … Woman sought help from local news to identify two dudes who crashed her wedding. How dare they!!! … Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy was the cause of Cal football player Ted Agu’s death in February. … Dennis Rodman was tossed from Joe’s Stone Crab. … Colorado fourth graders sell some pot for $11 profit, gets busted even if its technically legal in the state. … 30th anniversary Ghostbusters artwork? Sure. … Three teens charged for killing an Amish family’s pet donkey. …  … Ronald McDonald got a makeover and, umm, make your own jokes. … Lauren Stoner is probably the best-looking Arsenal “fan” on the planet. (Based on her hat.) … This might be (in my stupid opinion) the best piece of artwork ever made. … The FDA is finally going to try to regulate e-cigs. … #FreeWFANAudioHere’s some NFL Draft boom/bust predictions (hint: Blake Bortles is “project”). … George Clooney and Steve Wynn allegedly got into some sort of drunk fight at a dinner in Vegas. … The Maryland/ACC divorce remains an on-going legal saga. … Kate Upton wearing leather pants. Is that something people click on? … Happy Birthday: Paul Mazursky (84);  Meadowlark Lemon (82); Al Pacino (74); Johan Cruyff (67); David Moyes (51); Hank Azaria (50); Joe Buck (45); Renée Zellweger (45); Tim Duncan (38); … Always a good plan to make before venturing out for the weekend.

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Feds give ex-KKK leader new identity after he turns snitch and … what a disaster (as is my original tease with didn’t include the phrase “transvestite hooker.” [ABC News]

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Kid escapes from kidnappers because he won’t stop singing gospel music? [HyperVocal]

The way airlines board their planes remains dumb. [Business Week]

Facebook takes another step toward trying to be Twitter. Stop. [Gizmodo]

Do you need a “gimmick” to be a successful/popular writer. (If so I’d like to lay claim to Mike “The Hack” Cardillo before it’s claimed.) [Medium]

Teams at the World Cup have some unusual, very specific demands. [SB Nation]

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A (fun) guide how maximize your sports-viewing pleasure from the couch. [700 Level]

We Could Be King looks like it’ll be worth setting your DVRs for on Saturday night. (ESPN2)

Kobe Bryant stumping for … Panini World Cup sticker books?

Chris Russo’s hand gestures when talking remain a thing of beauty.

It’s his birthday, so damn right I’m posting a Cruyff highlight reel.

Oakley and Allen is such a worthwhile YouTube account to follow — and I’m not even an NBA fan in the slightest!

Christopher Cross (and the disembodied voice of Saint Michael McDonald.)

Because you want to see it first!

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