Teddy Bridgewater Could Collect Millions From Insurance if He Falls to the 2nd Round of the NFL Draft

teddy bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater bought an insurance policy while at Louisville, and according to ESPN, if the quarterbacks falls to the second round in next month’s NFL draft he could collect millions. Here’s the kicker – Bridgewater would have to prove that his slip was due to injury or illness. Bridgewater has had weight issues for parts of his career – it has been well-documented that he was in the 180’s at one point during the season and checked in at 214 at the Combine – and though nothing has been publicly reported about illness or injury, Bridgewater’s fall over the last eight weeks has been somewhat puzzling.

The actual loss of value between getting picked No. 3 in this year’s draft versus No. 33, the first pick in the second round, is about $15 million guaranteed. But if Bridgewater can prove that his slip had to do with an injury or an illness, the policy will result in him getting $5 million back.

Here’s how bizarre the NFL draft can be – before I went to the NFL Combine in February, I had Bridgewater as the No. 1 pick to Houston. Everything I heard there and since then, has caused me to yank Bridgewater from the 1st round in two subsequent mock drafts. The thing is, I like Bridgewater, and I think three years from now he probably will be the best QB in this class. Obviously it is dependent on system and fit and surrounding talent, but I like everything about Bridgwater, I don’t like much about Bortles, and think Manziel is the epitome of boom-bust. My 2nd favorite QB in this draft is Zach Mettenberger, but you already knew that.

With 10 days to the draft, is now when we hear rumors about a Bridgewater injury/illness that is causing him to drop in the draft? And no, nobody is advocating insurance fraud.

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