Inside the NBA Crew Cracks Up Telling Paul George to Be Careful of Atlanta Hawks

Paul George stepped over a trash can following an interview and told Shaq to be careful. See, Shaq wacky-ily “accidentally” stepped in a small trash bin on Inside the NBA on Sunday and fell down. George was playfully joking about Shaq’s clumsiness. The Inside the NBA crew then defended Shaq’s honor and told George to be careful of the Atlanta Hawks who had just beaten the Pacers 107-97. It’s a whole lot of foolishness.

Shaq and Paul George trash can

The thing is, George did his part last night. 26 points on 16 shots to go along with 12 rebounds, 6 assists and 6 rebounds. George hasn’t been out of this world this series, but he has averaged 22/11/5 and nearly 3 steals a night. Meanwhile, Roy Hibbert – who started the All-Star game TWO MONTHS AGO – went for 0 points and 0 rebounds last night.

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