NJ Club Owner Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit After Town Wouldn't Let Him Name Bar "Buck Foston"

Boston Red Sox' pitcher Pedro Martinez (left) throws 72-year

New Jersey club owner and avowed Yankees fan Lawrence Blatterfein wanted, apparently more than anything else, to name a pair of sports bars “Buck Foston’s Roadhouse”. It’s, like, a play on words because he hates the Red Sox. Get it?

Anyways, New Brunswick’s mayor James Cahill — a die hard Sox fan — blocked the establishment’s opening on the basis of its “vulgar” names. (Though, he claimed that he and the city council forbade the sports bar was that its presence would be a traffic burden on the town, which sounds like an excuse rather than a reason.)

Blatterfein had his day in court, and, as NJ.com reports, won $1.5 million when a federal jury ruled in his favor. Paraphrasing Mayor Cahill, this was a small price to pay for decency and smooth-flowing traffic.

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