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NCAA Sanctions Alaska-Anchorage Women's Basketball Team After Former Coach Made Payments to Players

Ryun Williams at  Colorado State UniverersityThe University of Alaska-Anchorage women’s basketball team was put on probation by the NCAA on Friday and docked a partial scholarship after an investigation concluded the team’s former coach paid money to a pair of players. Tim Moser and his then assistant, Elisha Harris, were found to have deposited over $7,000 in the bank accounts of two players without their knowledge.

Moser, who resigned abruptly in 2012, said the money was meant to help pay for housing.

According to the NCAA report:

“(A)fter promising the two student-athletes ‘full ride’ scholarships, but being unable to deliver funds covering a full grant-in-aid, the head coach provided money to the volunteer coach and instructed her to deposit it into the accounts”

Now an assistant at Colorado State, Moser issued a statement, via the Alaska Daily News

“I was motivated by the desire to do right by the student athletes,” Moser said. “I exercised poor judgment in my honest desire to fulfill what had been promised to two student athletes. The choice I made was wrong, and I fully accept responsibility for having made that decision.”

Moser will be suspended for three league games at Colorado State for punishment.

Harris is quoted saying the two players in question, one a red shirt freshman, “did not help us win a single game that season.”

AAU were also docked three-quarters of a scholarship and forced to forfeit half their wins from 2011-12, went it went 30-5 and made the Divsion II Elite Eight.


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