24 People Reportedly Taken to Hospital After "Stampede" Following Floyd Mayweather Fight

stampede 1After Floyd Mayweather defeated Marcos Maidana by majority decision at MGM Grand last night, there was a “stampede” of spectators who were attempting to exit the arena through a passage that was apparently not nearly big enough for the 15,000+ in attendance to aptly move through.

Yahoo’s Martin Rogers cited Clark County Fire Department battalion chief Eric Poleski, who said that 24 people were taken to the hospital after sustaining injuries. Though there were initially unconfirmed reports of gunshot, Poleski said that wasn’t the case:

“What happened was a temporary wall had fallen over and it made a loud bang and people assumed that shots were fired, so they started stampeding,” Poleski said.

Witnesses said that there was “no room to move” and that the scene was “chaos”. Among those taken to the hospital was a six-year-old boy.

And then there’s this:

With the Hillsborough 30 for 30 fresh in everyone’s mind, this is a pretty scary story.

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