Video of Rugby Player Getting Oral Sex From Actress - While Driving - Mysteriously Shows Up Online

Teuila-Blakelykonrad-hurrellKonrad Hurrell is a 22-year old rugby player for the New Zealand Warriors in the NRL. Teuila Blakely is a 39-year old actress on a New Zealand soap opera. Recently, a video of the kind-of-couple was posted online showing Blakely performing oral sex on Hurrell in a car while he was driving. The team and the NRL are investigating the video, but Blakely seems cool with it. Via The New Zealand Herald:

“I am not in an exclusive relationship with Koni… We are good friends and are very close.”

Blakely said the selfie video was filmed “about two months ago,” but she cannot explain how it ended up online. She believes Hurrell took the video “for fun” and posted it privately on Snapchat to a friend who leaked it.

“Koni filmed it as a joke, but neither of us knows who uploaded it.”

No big deal! They’re just really good friends who film sex acts in cars. And if you were wondering whether Blakely was using this to boost her career…

“But I accept what I do in my life, and neither of us are bothered about it. It was a tape between two people who have a lot of fun together. It’s not like I’m Kim Kardashian,” she laughed.

Blakely has a son who is the same age as Hurrell which is either awesome or horrible for him right now. You can watch the NSFW video here.

[NZ Herald, Photo: NZ Woman’s Weekly]

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