The Patriots' "Jersey Guarantee" Really Isn't That Spectacular of a Deal

patriots jerseyThe New England Patriots organization is getting praised in certain business-friendly corners of the Internet for their new program, which allows fans who buy a player’s jersey to get a new Patriots jersey at 25% off if the first player is no longer in New England within a year of the purchase.

While it’s worth noting that the Patriots are the first team in the NFL to even offer this much of a concession, jerseys range in cost from $100 for an adult replica to $295 for “Elite” apparel. The best case scenario here is saving about $75 for the right to spend another $220 (and that’s assuming that jersey costs don’t go up again next year; the $295 variety ran $250 last season).

So, New England and the rest of the league are still going to need to come up with a better incentive structure if they don’t want their fans to increasingly get their jerseys on bootleg Chinese web sites.

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