Roundup: Apple Buying Beats by Dre for $3.2 Billion?; 'Serial Pooper' Plagues Texas; Selfie Tattoo

ashley4Anastasia Ashley, pro surfer. … Apple close to $3.2 billion deal for Beats by Dre. … NYC’s so-called “Cannibal Cop” is now a prison cook who makes great pizza. … Alabama man kills wife, parrot for talking too much. … Fred Durst is directing commercials for eHarmony, y’all. … Police in Texas on the lookout for a “serial pooper.” … Video of a Boston transit officer pulling a guy away from getting hit by train at the last second. … Megamouth shark caught in Japan.  … Nifty graphical representation of IKEA taking over the world furniture game. … Kip Winger and Beavis & Butthead creator Mike Judge have buried the hatchet. … The Calgary Stampede has all sorts of zany foods, including scorpion pizza. Yum! … Poll reveals 1 in 5 people would have sex with a robot. … Interesting ‘what if’ look if some brands swapped logos. … Longtime site readers will recognize Sylvie Meis, albeit under a different last name. … The Junior Mint game!!! (Autoplay sound warning) … The Yankees are going to retire Joe Torre’s number. … New mom Megan Fox went on Ellen to talk about her kids, ninja turtles and cats (I think). … A scientific breakdown of overrated and underrated movies. … Samantha Hoopes is getting very good at Instagram. … Obama heckled, again, should he start responding like a stand-up comic would? … Happy Birthday: Tony Gwynn (54); Steve Yzerman (49); Doug Christie (44); Ghostface Killah (NSFW link?) (44); Andrew W.K. (35); Prince Fielder (30); Audrina Patridge (29); … Have a chill weekend, buddy.

If you like Lost, you’ll enjoy this interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. [Esquire]

Girl tattoos her own selfie on arm. Why not, right? [BroBible]

You have to watch this: two older journalists get into a desk-breaking fight on live Syrian television. As the saying goes, “that escalated quickly.” [HyperVocal]

Is there a “good” way to end Game of Thrones on TV if the books aren’t finished? (My thought: make season seven 10 episodes of lamprey pie recipes, as George RR Martin intended.) [Pajiba]

This is the most absurd police video you’ll see today, by far. [SB Nation]

Nice read on Greg Oden’s adjustment to becoming a bench scrub. [Grantland]

A look at which states have the highest average student loan burdens. [WaPost]

According to this, people who “favorite” lots of Tweets are cowards. Agree? [Salon]

This Brazilian website’s World Cup pronunciation guide is highly enjoyable — and useful! [Globo es Sporte]

Panini’s World Cup sticker album is as popular as ever. [Reuters]

A band beats the Spotify “system” for $20,000 … then gets banned. [Noisey]

Fans in Brazil paid $400 for VIP access to Avril Lavigne. Their reward? Very awkward photos. [Guardian]

A list of bad celebrity Twitter accounts. [Uproxx]

Are guys, like, using the word like too much in speech? [GQ]

Rebecca Grant’s 15 retweets minutes of fame continue.

Dune buggy racers in Dubai filmed by drones. Cool?

Here’s birthday boy GFK (briefly) on Wu Tang’s ridiculously-secretive new album that also features Cher vocals. (NSFW language warning.)

Air & Space asked the U.S. Air Force base in Okinawa how it would cope with a Godzilla attack.

A deep cut from Pink Floyd.

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