Marcin Gortat Shaves His Armpits, Has Illuminating Thoughts on Looking Like "a caveman"

marcin gortat shaves his armpits

Marcin Gortat, who will definitely make the NBA’s All-Interview team, shaves his armpits. When asked about this unusual action by Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, Gortat offered this:

“I shave yeah, sometimes,” Gortat said. “Not, like, shave with razor. Just shave, yeah.”

… “You’re a 30-years-old guy, you want to look like a freaking caveman? Is a normal thing.”

“It’s more clean. Keep it clean more. It’s just more hygienic. It’s just clean.”

While I don’t shave my pits, there are definitely some sweaty summer days where I wish I did.

The Wizards trail the Pacers 3-1 in the Eastern Conference semifinals, and could get bounced from the playoffs tonight. Remember how the sky was falling on the Pacers just 16 days ago when they trailed the Hawks 3-2 in the first round? Indiana has won five of six since, and while still looking very shaky at times, is it possible this two-month malaise has a lot to do with looking past everyone with only eyes on the Miami Heat?

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