Cleveland Cavaliers Interested in John Calipari, America Laughs

John Calipari sad

Cleveland is interested in John Calipari? Of course the Cavaliers are. Is John Calipari interested in Cleveland?

I could barely type that with a straight face because it’s so comical to even see those words strung together on a screen. Yeah, John Calipari is going to leave a stacked Kentucky team – they’ll open No. 1 in the country again – to coach a poorly-built, talent-deficient Cavaliers squad? (I’m still pissed I fell for the idea of Irving/Waiters and thought they’d make the playoffs.)

If you were to poll 100 people off the street asking which was the better job, coaching Kentucky or coaching Cleveland, I’m 100 percent sure that 100 percent of people polled would say UK.

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