Freeze Frame: Shouldn't This Have Been Clippers Ball? [UPDATE]

In a frenetic sequence at the end of Clippers-Thunder tonight, Oklahoma City was down 104-97, Kevin Durant made a three and a lay-up, Russell Westbrook swatted the ball away from Chris Paul, Reggie Jackson grabbed it, and got seemingly fouled by Matt Barnes as the ball flew out of bounds. As a make-up call for not whistling Barnes for the foul, the refs ruled that it was Thunder ball. Here’s a freeze frame of the play:

Foul on Barnes but should have been Clippers ballAfter that, Chris Paul (ever so slightly) fouled Russell Westbrook, who was shooting a three and hit all of his free throws. As Bill Simmons prophesied early, people are not going to shut up about the officiating tomorrow.

That being said, the Clippers had a chance to win at the end, but Chris Paul fumbled on the final possession. He deserves just as much blame as the officials for the end of the game.

[UPDATE]: To address this NBA rule:

Jackson sort of had the ball in both hands, Barnes hit his left, and it went out off of Jackson’s right. It still seems like a blown call, but there is some ambiguity.

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