Jets Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman Accused of Slapping Woman During Happy Hour

0516-dennis-thurman-main-60516-dennis-thurman-main-5Dennis Thurman, the defensive coordinator of the New York Jets, is accused of slapping a woman during Happy Hour at Pazzo Pazzo restaurant in New Jersey Wednesday afternoon. An eyewitness to the alleged slap emailed The Big Lead this morning and passed a long photos of the incident, which was described this way:

He walked up and sat next to us at the bar. He came on strong, I didn’t engage, but my friend engaged in some back and forth banter of basically him telling her how pretty she was and what an attitude she has and her just kind of being an uninterested jackass in return. Asked him his sign, gave him a fake name and he totally knew and wasn’t happy that this beautiful girl didn’t care who he was or how much money he has. She also told him she’s taken and that her man is [redacted] and it was just like I watched him grow more and more irritated by her the more she spoke. They were like oil and water. About 15 minutes or so after him sitting there he threw money on the bar and told the bartender it was a drink for me and not for her because of her attitude and then put his face in hers and asked for a kiss, she backed up and gave him the middle finger and said no and he smacked her face and knocked her hand down and left the bar with his hands in the air…

We spoke with Dennis Henry, the manager at Pazzo Pazzo, who was working Wednesday but unaware of the incident. “I did not see that happen and I didn’t hear that it happened,” Henry told TheBigLead.com. Henry confirmed that Thurman, 58, is a regular at the establishment, and would only say, “he’s a very nice man.”

An eyewitness to the alleged slap also emailed the photos to TMZ Sports.

The Jets didn’t return two calls seeking comment.

[UPDATE: Photos from the afternoon in question have been sold to TMZ, so we had to remove ours.]

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