Slick Kid Pulls Foul Ball Switcheroo on Older Girls at Rangers Game

Foul balls at Major League Baseball games, not black holes, appear to be the strongest force in the universe. Somehow they have the power to unleash man’s inner heart of darkness. We’ve seen countless parents almost drop their children in efforts to collect a souvenir. We’ve seen adults turn into monsters in front of children over a little round object.

Saturday night’s Blue Jays-Rangers game in Arlington gave us a new chapter in souvenir ball drama.

Jays third base coach Luis Rivera flipped a ball to a kid in the front row. At first glance the kid looks like a smooth-beyond-his-years gentleman, handing the ball to an older girl seated a behind him. Not so fast! The Jays television crew (Buck Martinez in particular) played detective and noticed the kid swapped out the ball for another one (perhaps with his phone number on it?)  from unknown origins, keeping the game-used ball in his glove for himself.

And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that pesky Internet.

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