Shaq Broke Out a 'Charlene Barkley' Cutout, Almost Nailed the Tommy Tutone Joke

Charles Barkley made a fat joke about the women of San Antonio earlier this month and¬†brought it up again tonight during TNT’s broadcast of the Western Conference Finals on Monday night. Master humorist Shaquille O’Neal trolled, or at least tried to troll Barkley with a “Charlene Barkley” cutout at halftime, including singing some lyrics of Tommy Tutone’s seminal, 1981 classic, “867-5309/Jenny.”

Shaq was only off by one number, so I’m not going to hold it against him. It’s the effort that counts.

Guess: this song has gotten a lot of airplay on the set of the various Adam Sandler comedies Shaq has appeared in over the last decade.

Better guess: tonight is the first time the words “Shaquille O’Neal” and “Tommy Tutone” have appeared together in the same sentence.

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