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Brett Hundley Hits UCLA Students With Footballs While Luke Gane Yells About Campus Rules

Brett Hundley and Luke Gane keep everyone on the UCLA campus honest. In this video, Hundley plays a “campus enforcer” who throws footballs at people who are breaking rules, being rude or just skipping breakfast. As wonderful as watching Hundley nail college kids with footballs, the breakout star of this video is fullback Luke Gane who plays Hundley’s hype man. Screaming “We’re trying to breathe well out here” and “You’ve got to feed your tummy before you feed your mind, girl” might be the two funniest things you hear today.

Here’s Hundley hitting another kid with a football who appears to be bothering a co-ed. Hopefully, this means there are more of these videos to come because I really want to hear what Luke Gane has to shout about unrequited love and personal space.

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