Reggie Miller on Jalen Rose Comments: "Either he was drunk or something else was clouding his judgment"

Jalen Rose discussed former Pacers teammate Reggie Miller on his podcast with Jacoby earlier this week. Juxtaposing with Kevin Durant, who thanked his teammates profusely in his recent MVP acceptance speech, Rose said that Reggie Miller has “never said anything positive about me as his teammate [as he’s done for Rik Smits, the Davises, and Mark Jackson].”

Rose said that Miller, Larry Brown, and Mark Jackson were a triangle in Indiana, and that Brown resented that Jackson was traded for Rose and buried him accordingly. “I got 15 DNPs that year,” Rose said. “I had a chip on my shoulder obviously against Larry Brown, and against Reggie for not speaking up … As teammates, he never really showed me he appreciated me.”

“I just saw the interview,” Miller said today on the Dan Patrick Show. “It looked like there was some beer next to him. So either he was drunk, or something else was clouding his judgment because his time and my time that we spent together in Indiana was nothing but great. The only thing I had a problem with was when he disrespected all the teammates that I ever played with. If it’s going to make him feel him warm and fuzzy inside to single him out and disrespect all of my teammates dating back to 1987, I’m not gonna do that.”

“It’s gotta be more ‘We’ Jalen,” Miller said later in the interview. “Less ‘me me me’. Less ‘I I I’. You talk about not making an All-Star game. Maybe those are some of the reasons why.”

Neither Rose nor Miller came across in a particularly flattering manner in this sequence.

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