Roundup: Drunk Mom's Mugshot, Miguel Olivo Bites Off Part of Teammate's Ear & Man Brings Baseball Bat to Philly Street Fight

nabilla_benattiaNabilla Benattia, who is French … what words, terms and questions is each state searching for on the web? … awful story about a girl in Houston who may have overdosed on prom night … Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleaders suing the NFL, claiming they earned less than $2 an hour  … Mick Jagger is now a great-grandfather  … drunk mom is a candidate for mugshot of the year and should go to jail for child endangerment … what’s so bad about dining alone? … Phoenix dad arrested for throwing 22-month old into the pool to teach her “to be afraid of the water” … “Fish die-off in Marina del Rey blamed on oxygen depletion” … if you’re looking for summer reading material … poor women in Houston being flown to Kenya to marry men so they can get to the US … dogs can sniff out prostate cancer with 98% accuracy … “Sarasota prostitution sting leads to arrests, dump truck seizure” … here’s a Nevada cheerleader who majors in biology … teenager faces 5-years to life in prison for pot brownies … Pat Sajak: “global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists” …

LeBron and Wade took over late, and Indy wasted a great chance to take a 2-0 series lead. Game three is Saturday in Miami. [Indy Star]

Last year, the Cavaliers offered the Timberwolves the No. 1 pick, Dion Waiters and Tristian Thompson for Kevin Love. Would the Cavs make the same offer this year? [Plain-Dealer]

Love me some Chip Kelly. Pretty cool read about how he tested prospects before the NFL draft. [Philly Mag]

Minnesota will host Super Bowl 52 in 2018. Footage of the Minnesota War Room made me laugh. [Star Tribune]

“Dodgers prospect Alex Guerrero was the victim Tuesday of a Mike Tyson-like ear chomp by triple-A teammate Miguel Olivo, according to Guerrero’s agent, Scott Boras.” [LA Times]

Making the US World Cup roster results in at least $76,000. If you’re one of the seven players in camp who misses the roster, you’re looking at closer to $3,000. [SI.com]

Between 16 million and 20 million bees were on the loose in Delaware when an 18-wheeler turned over on the highway Tuesday. [Delaware Online]

Florida arrest: “Johnson, who told police she worked at Tootsie’s Cabaret, an upscale Miami strip club, was then transported to jail, where she treated guards to a lewd performance. Johnson removed her clothes and ‘exposed her vagina, anus, and breasts.’ Officer Juan Canino added that, ‘On several occasions, the female licked her breast and masturbated.'” [Smoking Gun]

Kansas State is playing hardball, refuses to let star player Leticia Romero transfers. [WSJ]

Wouldn’t call this a “fight” because, well, just watch it. I would hope the guy is asleep, not dead.

Cleveland fans – any interest in watching Andrew Wiggins torch West Virginia earlier this season?

I’m shocked to hear that Wesley Snipes flipped out on a movie set once. [via Adam]

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